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It is well known that in the past, a vacuum cleaner was only used to clean carpets. These days, thanks to advanced technology and the numerous brands that produce different vacuum cleaner models, this equipment has become a versatile power suction machine that people use for everyday cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaning Hacks   

You can find a vacuum cleaner with different specifications such as amps, watts, power, airflow, etc. Thus, allowing you to use it in many other ways than simply using the suctioning and sweeping options. But still, professionals that work in a vacuum store may know how to utilize them optionally, but you as a non-specialist may not be aware of those options.

Fixing Carpet Indents

It is not unusual that furniture can create an indentation in your carpets, but there is a simple way to eliminate them. By putting some ice in the indentation and leaving it there to melt, you will allow the carpet fibres to re-fluff. Once it is dry, vacuum the area. This will remove every trace of the indentation, making your carpet look brand new.

Recover Small Things

Vacuum cleaners are the perfect tools for findings small things that you lost in your carpet. Put a stocking over the vacuum’s attachment and go over the area where you lost your item. You will find your item in seconds, and the stocking will hold it in place.

Freshen The Air

You can also freshen the air while cleaning your carpets. Take a cotton ball, put a few drops of essential oil by choice, and put that cotton ball into the vacuum’s dust cup. The airflow that goes through your vacuum will disperse the scent all around.

Prevent a Fire

Fires in the dryer are not unusual, and most of them are caused by lint buildups. You can prevent that by removing the lint tape from your dryer and using your vacuum to clean any lint that may be inside the vent. You don’t have to do this daily, a few times a year is just enough.

Freshen your Mattress

To achieve this, you can strip your mattress and sprinkle baking soda all over the surface of it. Let it sit for some time, allowing it to absorb the moisture and odours, then use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum it up. You will be surprised with the fresher mattress you will end up with afterward.

Dust Everything

Have you ever used your vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust? You can do that by using the dusting attachment on your vacuum. It will make things way easier. Then you can go over the furniture with a damp cloth to remove anything left behind.

Deodorize Everything

You can deodorize almost everything just by using your vacuum. Put the thing you want to deodorize in a trash bag and put a bit of cat litter there. Tie the bag and leave it for a few hours. Then simply remove the item and vacuum any dust or litter from it.

Make Cleaning Easier!

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most valuable tools you can own around the house. And now that you know all the different ways to use it, you will see yourself vacuuming around more often.


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