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Why Choose a Central Vacuum

Life without vacuum cleaners is unimaginable. Still, sometimes vacuuming may be very unpleasant as it is noisy, annoying, and expensive as you need to change your vacuum cleaner every 4-5 years. In addition, most people consider their portable vacuums smelly, heavy, and they are never truly sure whether their carpet is 100% clean after vacuuming.

The idea of installing a central vacuum in your house offers a perfect solution for all those common complaints, but why many people still haven’t installed one in their home? The answer is that most are not aware of the benefits of central vacuums.

Knowing that people spend more of their time indoors, we must pay attention to indoor air quality. We are all aware that traditional vacuum cleaners affect the air in your property. According to the U.S. EPA, the air in your house is up to 5-times more contaminated when compared to outdoor air! So, buying the ideal vacuum is a vital decision that you need to make. Central vacuum installation in Calgary is something you should consider to improve your air quality.

VACUFLO® Central Vacs come with more than a few filtration types to fit all your home’s needs. Each of the filtration types is a fully equipped, powerful unit that offers a first-class cleaning experience. In addition, VACUFLO covers all central vacuum units with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

H-P Central Vacuum Systems come with two kinds of power unit filtration—Disposable Bag and Permanent Filter. Both types are fully equipped, robust systems which offer an excellent cleaning experience. Just like VACUFO, all H-P units have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.                   

Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems offer various benefits, including:

Less Vacuum Noise

A large percentage of people are not great fans of the loud noise which portable vacuums generally make. Listening to music, relaxing, and studying are unbearable when someone is vacuuming around you. Using a central vacuum will reduce this problem They are quiet as the primary noise comes from the motor, which is usually located in a basement or a garage.

Super Easy to Use

By using a central vacuum, you will say goodbye to carrying a big canister around your home. Central vacuums come with an array of accessories that enable you to clean all the places you could not clean with the typical vacuum cleaner before. You can clean every part of your home, even your dusty corners, ceiling corners, with a practical central vacuum.

Goodbye Portable Vacuums

We know that you are tired of the fact that you have to replace your portable vacuum cleaner every few years. But don’t worry, if you install a central vacuum, you will only take care of some basic maintenance.

Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergies

Central vacuum owners often point out that the indoor air in their home is much cleaner, and people who are allergic to dust notice a significant reduction in their allergy-related issues. This is because the central vacuum cleaners abstract the debris, dust, and dirt out of your home into the critical operating unit in your basement or garage, and then they are released outside. On the other hand, traditional portable vacuums usually reprocess vacuumed allergens outside via the exhaust.


Revolutionary central vacuums can reach various types of surfaces and places compared to the traditional portable vacuum due to their wide-ranging range of accessories available for brands of central vacuums. Their extra-long hoses and many tools make cleaning boats and other vehicles simple and easy. You can also clean your garage with no special effort.

An Excellent Investment

Buying modern appliances is a fantastic investment for your home. We are happy to point out that installing a central vacuum is a smart step you can do for your home and your family. Central vacuums can save you money. The central vacuum will last at least ten years before you have to replace some of the fundamental units.


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