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No matter how small your circle is, you’re probably expecting some guests during the holiday season. Even if you don’t plan to have anyone over, it’s nice to give your place a sprucing up before the holiday season rolls around. That means all that deep cleaning you’ve been avoiding since Thanksgiving; yes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to it.

Wearing cozy boots out, stepping on crunchy fall leaves, or having snowball fights are crowd favourite activities. But you know who doesn’t love them? Your floors!

House Cleaning Tips for Winter

There are some easy methods to prepare your house for winter. Let’s get into some house cleaning tips so you can enjoy the holiday season with one less thing to worry about.


If you have carpets or rugs, they need thorough vacuuming. If you don’t have the vacuum yet, we highly recommend heading over to your nearest vacuum store in Calgary if you’ve already got a floor vacuum, time to roll up your sleeves and give your carpets the deep clean they deserve.

Clean the Doors

Doors are often overlooked when deep cleaning a space; folks tend to focus more on the interior. However, doors can get worn over time and lose their color. Make sure to clean up your doors; if you want to go a bit overboard, you can even give them a light wash!

Wash the Windows

Speaking of doors, do you know what other part of your house needs more attention? The windows!

If you live in a particularly snowy area, your windows will get streaks. Also, since you’ll need to look outside to watch the pretty snowfall, it’s a good idea to make the windows nice and clear. Wash the insides and outsides of the windows, dust the windowsills and if you’ve got time, wash and dry the curtains too!

Chimneys Need Your Attention

You don’t want Santa coughing on soot and dried leaves while he’s climbing down your chimney! Jokes aside, if you’ve got a chimney, it needs a thorough cleaning. Ash and creosote can get clogged in the vent, potentially causing a chimney fire.

Sweep your chimney yourself, or better yet, have a professional do it.

Clean the Gutters

To make sure your gutters are functioning correctly in the coming season, you need to take out some time and clean them. During the fall season, leaves can fall into your gutters, causing blockages.

And if your area is prone to frigid temperatures, the water being held there by the blockage can freeze and crack the gutters. Once again, you can always have a professional take care of this or do it yourself!

Yard Cleaning

While most folks tend to prep their gardens and yards for the spring, it’s just as essential to tidy your yards up before winter. All the dead fallen leaves will get covered up by snow and, when unearthed in the spring, will be a mess to clean up!

We recommend tending to your yard early to prevent dealing with the mess later. Rake up the leaves and cut the weeds before the snow comes!

Dust Every Surface

Lastly, dust your surfaces. Pollen and dust can be pesky in the spring and summer seasons, so it’s best to start clearing them out regularly in the months leading up.

Check Smoke Detectors

This isn’t a cleaning tip per se; it’s more of a winter prep tip. If you have a fireplace, you’ll probably be using it in the winter months. Even if you don’t, you’ll probably substitute it with a space heater.

To prevent accidental fires, check your smoke detectors. If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors installed, we highly recommend getting them to put in as well.

We hope these tips helped; happy winter cleaning!


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