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With the warmer weather, some areas of your home will require you to use your vacuum cleaner almost daily, and others will need a good scrub before the season change. In summer, every house is susceptible to dirt; the warmth and sun can bring challenges to keep your home tidy. Fortunately, you have several extra hours of daylight, which can be very helpful with those additional cleaning tasks.

So, to help you overcome those challenges, we will share our Summer Cleaning Checklist with you on how to always have a guest-ready tidy home.

Ceilings & Fixtures

Start your cleaning routine on the highest sections of your home, which means the ceilings and their fixtures. Use a vacuum cleaner with a longer hose to access those higher areas and pay specific attention to the edges where the wall meets the ceiling because that is where the most dirt collects. For chandeliers, ceiling lights and other fixtures, you should use a dusting brush.


Summer is the time to get social, and with more people visiting, your furniture is more prone to dirt, so that may require you to be more concentrated when vacuum cleaning your home. For fabric furniture, you may need to use the upholstery tool, and with the other furniture such as leather, you should vacuum with the dusting brush. Vacuum brands such as Miele offer different attachments and cleaning heads to deal with every surface.

Managing Dust

Dusting is a constant chore. However, it is an even bigger problem in the summer; homes with air conditioning are generally sealed up during the day, trapping the dust inside. Use a microfiber cloth damped with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down surfaces, and always start from higher points in your home and move down to the lower ones.

Cleaning Carpets

During the summer, people will constantly be in and out of your house, so carpets, rugs, and doormats will collect much dirt.  You should vacuum both sides of the carpets and choose a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or rotating brush roll as they are more effective for this type of cleaning. Also, to help the process, you can carry the smaller ones outside and shake them, which will loosen dirt particles and make the vacuuming easier for you.

Dusting Air Vents

As the summer approaches, your air conditioner might be on every day. Since summers are the dustiest time of year, air vents suffer the most. They collect a lot of dust because they filtrate the air that comes in and out of your home. The best way to clean the vents is by attaching the dusting brush to your vacuum cleaner because it can easily slide into the small holes and get rid of the dust and dirt stuck inside.

Cleaning the Windows

During the summer, windows are often open at night to ensure better air circulation. However, the blinds and sills on them collect dust and dirt during that time, so you need to clean them constantly. Glass should be cleaned with window cleaning spray and some lint-free wipes, and for the sills and blinds, vacuum cleaning with a dusting brush will work the best.

Keep Your Home Tidy!

As we already said, summer brings its share of cleaning challenges, but with our checklist and simply a cloth and a vacuum cleaner that you can get from any vacuum store, you can stay on top and make the best of those extra daylight hours.


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