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For many people, a clean living or working space is integral to their peace of mind. While most folks opt for chemical cleaners, did you know it’s more affordable, healthier, and more eco-friendly to use steam cleaners instead?

In case you’re new to the cleaning world, here’s a quick breakdown to get you up to speed!

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning uses, you guessed it, steam for cleaning. Steam cleaning doesn’t use detergents, chemical solutions, or soap to clean; it’s steam alone! And if you’re thinking, is steam enough? We highly suggest looking up some steam cleaning videos online to see how satisfying and easy the process is.

If you’re still not completely sold, we understand, which is why we made a list of the five best reasons to switch to steam cleaning. Let’s begin!

5 Reasons to Choose a Steam Cleaner

Here are five reasons you should make the switch to steam cleaners right now!

It’s Eco-Friendly

Steam cleaning is more eco-friendly, and if there was ever a time to go green, it’s right now! Chemical cleaners contribute to environmental pollution and waste; think about how much packaging you’re throwing away every year and how much chemical runoff is going into the ocean.

This chemical runoff enters underwater food chains, contaminating marine ecosystems and harming marine wildlife. On the other hand, steam cleaning uses only water to clean surfaces, using no chemicals whatsoever. Therefore, there is zero waste with steam cleaners, making them much better friends to the environment!

It’s More Effective

Steam cleaners are better at cleaning than other cleaning alternatives. Since steam cleaners use high temperatures, it penetrates deeper than chemical or other physical cleaners. Plus, the pressure of steam cleaners can pull up deep-set residue and stains effortlessly, requiring no manual elbow grease from your side!

If you need a visual demonstration of steam cleaners’ power, once again, we highly recommend watching some steam cleaning videos online; they’re guaranteed to convert you!

It’s Healthier

Did you know an average American household has over 7000 species of bacteria? That’s a scary number!

Enter steam cleaning.

The high temperature used by steam cleaners kills bacteria, viruses, and mold particles. Since we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s in our best interest to opt for safer cleaning alternatives that protect us from invisible culprits!

Got Allergies?

Speaking of health, allergies are pretty common. If you’re allergic to dust, pollen, or pet dander, steam cleaning is the cleaning method for you. Steam cleaners deep clean surfaces, doing a clean sweep and eliminating even the smallest allergens in your home.

Steam cleaning regularly will even go as far as to remove these allergens from your home for good! This is excellent for children who are predisposed to developing asthma. Studies show that avoiding allergens early on is effective in preventing developing asthma as adults.

Good News for Pet Owners

If you live with a furbaby, your furniture probably isn’t in the best shape. We get it, it’s a small price to pay! However, who says you can’t have a happy furbaby while keeping your home in the best shape possible?

Pet odours are often significant concerns for pet owners, and this is where steam cleaners come to the rescue! Pet odours tend to set into furniture, making your home smell less than ideal. Since steam cleaners deeply penetrate surfaces, they’re great for getting odours out of your furniture. Steam cleaners automatically deodorize surfaces with their high temperature and pressure, so you won’t have to put in much effort either!

Now, if we’ve convinced you and you’re thinking of running down to the nearest vacuum store to purchase some steam cleaning products, you’re probably unsure about what to look for. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there as well! Here are some key features to look for in a steam cleaner!

What to Look For When Buying a Steam Cleaner

  • Heat-up time: should be as short as possible
  • Continuous water refill
  • Steam pressure
  • Steam volume control

Ultimately, steam cleaners are far better cleaning alternatives to traditional cleaning methods. We highly recommend you make the switch and see for yourself!


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